Renters are asked to read carefully and confirm acceptance by signing the Rental Agreement. They must fulfill all the requirements set forth in this agreement. The rented car should not leave the territory of Romania.


The customer agrees upon the following conditions.

The following are strictly prohibited:
1. To infringe any legal regulations concerning the customer, traffic or others
2. To use the car for goods convenience and/or passengers transport, to push or to drag other car, trailer or object; to use the car in any competitions, tests or races
3. To overload the car (number of seats, weight). The car capacity is specified in registration document
4. To drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, or any other substance which may affect the driver’s concentration state or driving capacity
5. To leave the car with the key in contact, unlocked doors and boot or open windows
6. Failing to comply with the producer’s instructions and recommendations

If urgent reparations are required, they should be previously approved by the owner, and have to be made solely by an authorized (by the owner) repair shop.


Full Payment is generally made in advance, at the signing of the rental contract.
Accepted Types of Payment:
CREDIT CARD: We accept all credit cards from internationally recognized credit card
companies - such as Eurocard / Mastercard, Visa, American Express. The cash deposit can be
blocked on the credit card as well, if the issuer’s bank allows it.
BANK TRANSFER: only prior to the beginning of the rental period.
The equivalent value in RON shall be set at the BNR selling exchange rate of the day.

All rates are inclusive of VAT.

For customers with individual agreements alternative prices and regulations can apply.



The driver must hold a valid driver's license and identity card/passport.

Minimum age of the driver is 21. Driver has to be in possession of a valid driving license for at least 1 year.



The driver will take the car washed and with a full tank and we will teach all washed and with a full tank. Otherwise, it will pay a fee of EUR 15 for washing (interior + exterior) and EUR 1.5 per liter of missing fuel.
To remove washing fee you can select your car wash initial fee amounting to 6 Euro.

During Opening Hours

Delivery / Collection Service within city limits is charged. Renting is usually charged for periods of 24 hours with a grace period of up to 2 hours.

Outside Opening Hours and at the Airport

Besides the program will be charged a fee of 5 Euros for teaching or taking the car from Iasi Airport 10 Euro



Baby Seat: 3 Euro/day

Snow Chains: 3 Euro/day

GPS Navigation System: 5 Euro/day

Radar Detector: 2 Euro/day

Accessories are bookable without obligation and subject to availability.


Additional Driver

No Additional Driver Surcharge for the additional drivers. However, the additional driver’s name and contact details have to be stated on the rental contract.
Additional driver(s) have the same restrictions as the ones applied to the main driver.


Refueling Charge

All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel and should be refilled prior to return to Rent a Car For You, otherwise our current refueling charges will apply.
Current Refueling charges: 1.5 € / litre



Third Party Insurance

All rates are inclusive of third party insurance.
Excluded from the insurance is the use of the vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods. All insurance cover as part of the rental contract will become void, in particular, if an unauthorized driver has used the vehicle or if the driver of the vehicle does not possess the required driver's license at the time of the event-giving rise to claim.

Collision Damage Waiver(CDW)
Collision Damage Waiver removes the driver’s responsibility to a part of the vehicle in case of damage.

All rates are inclusive of CDW. Customer is only responsible for the following amounts (franchises):
150 Euro – Class small
200 Euro – Class economy,compact
300 Euro – Class intermediate,standard and full size
500 Euro – Class passenger van
For drivers under 25 years these franchises will be increased by 100 EUR.

Theft Protection (TP)
Theft Protection removes the driver’s responsibility to a part of the vehicle in case of theft.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP) Franchises
A deposit is required for the rental’s duration, to guarantee the Franchises mentioned here above.

The deposit is equal to the franchise’s amount.
The deposit can be constituted either in cash or by blocking it on the credit card (pre-authorisation procedure).

Unlimited Mileage for rentals exceeding 3 days or 400 km/day included for 1-3 days

Any dispute arising from this contract and in connection with the car rental will be solved by the competent Court of Iasi, Romania.

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