Car rental on Long temern means a period of over 30 days, the rental is different.
For this type of rental please contact us for a complete offer.

Renting a car is likely to cost less than buying it? Should you opt for a rental car long term. On the other hand, this option allows you to change the car frequently! But the most important thing is that you put aside all the problems of mechanical and serviceability.

We propose this method of long-term rental.

Purchasing a car can mean a loss of money if you need to use a car is for a limited time, and serviceability becomes increasingly harder to bear by the owner. Buying a car seems increasingly not to represent the ideal solution ... the ideal solution seems to be in the moment long-term renting a car!

A buying a car does not mean a good investment rather resembles a waste of money. More specifically a new car loses about 25% of the value with the first kilometers ... over a period of three years invested capital can depreciate by 50%. Without we count all the costs of maintenance.

It is very effective and convenient to rent a car in the long term and the main advantages are:
- Wide range of cars available for car rentals in the medium or long term, depending on your budget or preference
- Attractive prices rent a car: the more the rental period is longer, the car rental prices are lower
- Rental rates with "all inclusive": auto taxes, and road technical assistance, maintenance and annual inspections, car exchange in case of damage or accident, season tires (summer, winter), etc.
- Financial advantages: not require any advance, but only a monthly rental to be paid in advance (the advance requested financial or operational leasing is 20-30% of the car)
- Make a request to use the car you want and we guarantee every month the best service and lowest prices of long-term car rentals

This program is designed for organizations and companies as an alternative to operating or finance leases. If you are interested in such a contract, please contact us to offer customized solutions specifically designed for your business needs and budgets

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